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Welcome to Women's Sleep Health, I'm glad you're here. Starting in puberty, women have more sleep complaints than men. Yet it's only recently that researchers have begun to understand what's going on, and why women have this experience. This course will start with the principles of how sleep and circadian rhythms work, which will ground us in what a normal sleep experience is. Next, we'll discuss the most common sleep disorders in women, and the red flags for each, which is somewhat different than in men. The following modules will dive deep into sleep health topics for women across the lifespan - from the reproductive years, through perimenopause and into old age. Special sections include a unit on the increase in sleep complaints and disorders in pregnancy. Another unit explores the ways that poor sleep contributes to reproductive disorders and fertility. Sleep is women’s health!

This course is relevant for every woman, from adolescence on throughout life. Please watch the videos and do the worksheets associated with each. This will progressively build your skills as you learn what is sleep health and become a Skilled Sleeper!

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Dr. Catherine Darley
Dr. Catherine Darley is a pioneering internationally recognized expert in the use of natural, behavioral, and lifestyle medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders. After decades of patient care, she is bringing this know-how to you in these Skilled Sleeper courses. Dr. Darley’s interest in founding Naturopathic Sleep Medicine arises from the belief that since sleep is so basic and essential to health, it makes sense to use the most effective natural therapies to help people obtain the sleep they need.

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The Women’s Sleep Health Course

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Module 1: Basics of Sleep & Circadian Rhythms

Sleep and circadian rhythms are foundational, yet aren't taught in school. Here you'll get the essential information you need. First, we'll cover the 4 stages of sleep, sleep cycles, and the sleep drive. Next, we'll discuss how much sleep people need for optimal well-being. Are you one of the 36% of Americans who are chronically sleep deprived? The following lesson will be about how circadian rhythms work, and what changes you can expect over your lifespan. These basics will come up in future lessons as we discuss how female hormones interact with our sleep and circadian systems.

Module 2: Sleep Disorders in Women

The prevalence of sleep disorders in women increases over their lifespan, and the most likely disorders vary for different age groups. A confounding factor is that symptoms of sleep disorders vary somewhat between men and women, with women experiencing sleep disorders differently. There are over 50 sleep disorders, in six main categories. These lessons give a deep dive into the most common sleep disorders in women, the red flags to watch for, and recommended treatments. Address sleep problems for women’s health, and learn what is sleep health. We'll also discuss the various types of healthcare providers who are qualified to evaluate and treat, so you'll know exactly what your next steps should be. 

Module 3: Premenstrual Symptoms and Sleep

The increase in sleep complaints among women starts at puberty. In these lessons we'll start there, with insights into how sleep and circadian rhythms change during the teen years. The next lesson looks at how the female hormones estrogen, progesterone, and others, impact sleep and circadian rhythms. This is a bidirectional action, with disrupted sleep and circadian factors impacting reproductive hormones and health too. Then we'll discuss sleep symptoms that are common at different points in the menstrual cycle, and what you can do to maintain healthy sleep and women’s health all month long. Sleep aids women’s health. If you notice monthly sleep changes with your cycle, this unit is for you. 
tired woman yawning

Module 4: Sleep in Pregnancy

pregnant woman sleeping
Pregnancy is an important time in a woman's life. Yet that essential sleep can fluctuate widely over the course of pregnancy, from extreme sleepiness during the first trimester, to improvement in the second trimester, which worsens again in the third trimester. This module goes through the sleep changes to expect during each trimester, plus any sleep disorders to watch out for. You'll be guided through red flags of emerging sleep disorders as your pregnancy progresses, and what steps to take next if you'd like further help. Sleep and women’s health are intricately linked. Sleep health during pregnancy impacts both the mother and baby’s health after delivery, learn the steps to take to care for everyone.


The most common sleep disorders among women are insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome. Each sleep disorder is more likely at a specific age, though the prevalence of all increases over the lifespan. Many treatment options come up in conversation with friends, and on internet searches. But what are the best recommended, evidence-based treatments? In this module you will learn about these options, and what factors to discuss with your healthcare provider during your next appointment. Because sleep disorders have such a profound impact on our well-being, and since sleep disorders are largely underdiagnosed, this is essential information for every woman. 
woman and man looking at pregnancy test smiling

Module 6: Perimenopausal Sleep

tired woman walking without much sleep
One of the most distressing symptoms of the menopausal transition is the sleep disruption that many women experience. Why does this happen? We'll first go into what exactly is happening with the female hormones over the menopausal transition, and the sleep changes that are common. The next lesson goes into strategies to keep cool during sleep, and otherwise make an optimal bedroom environment. This is an important sleep health topic that’s often overlooked area which can make a big difference. Third we will highlight possible treatments for menopausal symptoms so you have the information you need to discuss further with your healthcare provider and find out the best option for you. 

Module 7: Preserving Sleep In Menopause

Healthy sleep is integral to healthy aging and longevity. Get sleep on your side for this next life phase. Sleep aids women’s health. First, let’s dive into the many mechanisms by which healthy sleep enables healthy aging. What you learn might surprise you, and will motivate you to prioritize your sleep - starting now! For menopausal women sleep and circadian rhythms continue to change. We’ll discuss lifestyle habits to strengthen your sleep wake system for both nighttime sleep, and daytime alertness. Improve your sleep number for life expectancy. Disorders such as Restless Legs Syndrome, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Insomnia are much more common, yet frequently overlooked. Learn the red flags to watch for, along with the recommended treatments for women. Sleep is women’s health! 
older woman with coffee after a good night's sleep

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