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Sleep for Corporate Leadership & Productivity
How much profit is your company losing each year due to employee sleep problems? The answer may surprise you . . . it’s typically $1967 per employee, per year! In addition to financial costs, there are costs for individuals in terms of their personal health, relationships, and disruptive workplace behaviors. For employers, employee sleep problems translate into presenteeism, absenteeism, and increased work place injuries. For corporate leaders and managers, being well-rested pays off in greater creative problem solving and emotional intelligence, keys for effective leadership.

This course builds an understanding of all the ways that sleep impacts your workplace, and the entire team from entry level employees to management and C-suite. You will first learn specifics of the scope of the problem. Then learn how positive sleep and circadian health protect us against those problems. Design a plan to manage enough rest and sleep so you can bring your best to the job. Then learn how to create a sleep positive culture in the workplace with corporate sleep programs. We’ll conclude with shift scheduling practices for corporations that must run 24-hour operations. Learn from the leading business for sleep!
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When we're sleepy we lose that joi de vive that fuels our days. Recapture the energy you naturally have when you sleep well night after night. Have the energy you need to not only meet your commitments, but enjoy the extras that bring meaning to your life.

You can get the sleep you need to perform well every day.

When we don’t get the sleep we need, it carries over to impair our performance on the job at work and at home. Learn sleep skills so that you can rely on being at the top of your game with both cognitive and physical performance. You’ll notice the improvement, and so will your boss and co-workers.

You can feel emotionally calm and happy.

Research shows that poor sleep impacts not only our performance, but also our mood and ability to emotionally connect with others. This is where having sleep skills pays off in a better mood, and better relationships with your loved ones. This can be positively life-changing!
Dr. Catherine Darley
Dr. Catherine Darley is a pioneering internationally recognized expert in the use of natural, behavioral, and lifestyle medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders. After decades of patient care, she is bringing this know-how to you in this Skilled Sleeper course which uses sleep to increase corporate revenue. Dr. Darley’s interest in founding Naturopathic Sleep Medicine arises from the belief that since sleep is so basic and essential to health, it makes sense to use the most effective natural therapies to help people obtain the sleep they need. Skilled Sleeper is your go-to business for sleep solutions.

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The Sleep for Corporate Leadership & Productivity Course

Module 1: Sleep Shapes Productivity

There are so many aspects of productivity – motivation, cognitive function, energy level, and physical coordination, to name just a few. The good news is that all of these factors are improved by high quality, optimal sleep. The bad news is that over 35% of Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need on work nights, which creates problems in the workplace. Sleep problems can contribute to a poor workplace culture, expensive accidents and injuries, and ultimately increase costs. Learn about the scope of the problem across a wide range of work environments, from the office setting to transportation and manufacturing. Complete the assessments for personal insights on the impact of corporate sleep programs. 
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Module 2: Sleep for Leadership

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To be an effective leader requires being at the top of your game, in every domain. This is where sleep can be part of your success formula. In this course you will learn how sleep impacts critical leadership skills. First, leaders must see various perspectives, learn from them and creative problem-solving, then make decisions. Human factors are also shaped by sleep, from the ability to understand other’s emotions as well as your own, to having good impulse control, to making moral and ethical decisions that benefit the whole team and company culture. You’ll also learn skills to calm the racing mind that interferes with sleep. Bring sleep experts to your corporate office!

Module 3: Basics of Sleep & Circadian Rhythms

Each stage of sleep has a function that serves us well at work, everything from cognitive performance, physical agility, to emotional intelligence. Learn how normal sleep functions, and then what symptoms result from either insufficient sleep, or sleep disrupted by a sleep disorder. There’s also the issue of our circadian rhythm, that 24-hour fluctuation in function that makes us sleep at night, and be alert during the day. This is a critical piece to understand as you design your shift work schedule, and determine who will work at what times of day. Both sleep and circadian characteristics change with age, another consideration when designing a sleep positive workplace. 
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Module 4: Optimize Your Own Sleep

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This module is all about how to make sleep more restful, so you can bring your best to the job, and to the rest of your day! Over 35% of Americans don’t get sufficient sleep each night, are you one? Unfortunately, after several nights of insufficient sleep we lose insight into how impaired we are during the day. In this unit you’ll first identify how much sleep you do best with and which domain is most impaired by sleep loss for you. We will combine this information with circadian practices to create a personal sleep plan. Next learn how to create a relaxing sleep environment. It’s a perfect time to rebuild your sleep and have much better days! 

Module 5: Optimal Shift Scheduling

Sometimes it’s essential to have 24-hour operations. When that’s the case, how can you organize the shift work schedule to optimize well-being? In this module learn some of the challenges and consequences of shift work, for both the individual employee and the corporation. There are a wide variety of shifts, from 8 hours to extended shifts, from stable schedules to rotating. Learn considerations for each of these schedules, and what may be best for your corporation from a sleep, productivity, safety and health standpoint. This is essential information for a corporate leader in a 24-hour industry, particularly if there are safety risks present. Enjoy the benefit of sleep experts in your corporate office!
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Module 6: Assisting Employees with Sleep Disorders

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It’s another 35% of adults who have some type of sleep disorder. Some of the most common are obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome. There are many others which are less common – a total of 58! Learn red flags of the most common sleep disorders, and unique challenges each of them bring to the workplace. The risk of sleep disorders is different for different populations, which may also be impacting your corporation. Then learn about how employee programs can decrease sleep problems, and thereby improve health and performance. These programs often pay for themselves in a better team environment, improved employee health and productivity. Use sleep to boost company revenue!

Module 7: Considerations for Shift Workers

Shift workers are working at a time that our circadian system tells us to sleep. This can make it difficult to stay alert and perform as well as we’d like. On the other hand, during the day, shift workers often find it hard to get the sleep they need. Shift workers are also at increased risk of other health conditions, so need extra screening. Fortunately, there are strategies that shift workers can learn: how to make sleep more restful, and increase night-time alertness. There is also a role for management in not only designing evidence-based schedules, but in designing the jobsite environment to promote alertness. 
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What Students Say

“Dr. Darley's Women's Health course was wonderful! She provided so many tips for me and my babies sleep in a clear and engaging way.”

- A.E., Women’s Sleep Health student

"It is really good content. Just doing the strategies to improve my bedroom made a difference.” 

- D.A., Skilled Sleeper student

So many people don’t have the skills they need to truly sleep well. Let’s change that, starting today. Invest $295 in getting the sleep you need to be your best self. 

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