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Peak Athletic Performance with Optimal Sleep
Sleep is another essential tool for optimal athletic performance, along with diet, exercise, recovery, and mindset. Basketball players run faster and make more baskets. Swimmers get off the block and turn more quickly. And tennis players serve more accurately. This is just a sample of the sleep benefits for athletes. The research is conclusive: all types of athletes improve when they are getting optimal sleep. Professional athletes use sleep strategically, and now you can too.

In this course learn how to optimize your sleep so that your athletic performance is at its’ best. We’ll start with the ways sleep is essential for both physical repair, and the success mindset. Then focus on how to use your circadian system as a performance enhancing tool. Learn the red-flags of undiagnosed sleep disorder, then do a self-assessment, and decide which type of healthcare provider to follow-up with. Learn how to maintain positive sleep while traveling, so your performance doesn’t suffer on game days. Then bring all this information together and integrate it with your overall training program for a comprehensive approach to sleep for optimal athletic performance.

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Why Learn to Sleep Well now?

You can go to bed confident that you will sleep well.

No more wondering all day or evening how you are going to sleep tonight. With proven strategies that support your natural sleep-wake cycle, you can feel confident that you will sleep well tonight. You will know what to do to get the sleep you want.

You can become more energetic and enthusiastic for life.

When we're sleepy we lose that joi de vive that fuels our days. Recapture the energy you naturally have when you sleep well night after night. Have the energy you need to not only meet your commitments, but enjoy the extras that bring meaning to your life.

You can get the sleep you need to perform well every day.

When we don’t get the sleep we need, it carries over to impair our performance on the job at work and at home. Learn sleep skills so that you can rely on being at the top of your game with both cognitive and physical performance. You’ll notice the improvement, and so will your boss and co-workers.

You can feel emotionally calm and happy.

Research shows that poor sleep impacts not only our performance, but also our mood and ability to emotionally connect with others. This is where having sleep skills pays off in a better mood, and better relationships with your loved ones. This can be positively life-changing!
Dr. Catherine Darley
Dr. Catherine Darley is a pioneering internationally recognized expert in the use of natural, behavioral, and lifestyle medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders. After decades of patient care, she is bringing this know-how to you in these Skilled Sleeper courses. Dr. Darley’s interest in founding Naturopathic Sleep Medicine arises from the belief that since sleep is so basic and essential to health, it makes sense to use the most effective natural therapies to help people obtain the sleep they need.

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The Peak Athletic Performance with Optimal Sleep Course

Module 1: Performance Gains with Optimal Sleep

Let’s take a deep dive into how athletic performance improves with sleep skills. This includes everything from speed and reaction time, coordination and endurance, to strength. It also includes motivation and the success mindset that is critical for every athlete. Next we’ll look at proven strategies from sleep extension, napping, optimal circadian timing, treating sleep disorders in athletes, and the effect of combining these sleep skills with other approaches. Then gain insights into how your own performance is shaped by sleep, and use that as a baseline as you rebuild your sleep in the program. Next up, optimizing your sleep and circadian rhythms!
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Module 2: Sleep for Physical & Mental Performance

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Sleep is a time of active physical recovery, with the majority of our growth hormone secreted during slow wave sleep. Sleep and the melatonin that’s released during darkness also have anti-inflammatory effects that every athlete needs. Beyond physical repair, learning and memory is consolidated, so athletes advance their skills. Not only that, but adequate sleep provides the emotional regulation and motivation to persevere and expand your capabilities. Learn how sleep works, the optimal sleep time for athletes, and how to make it work for you by first identifying how much sleep is ideal, then designing your custom sleep plan. Then decide when you’ll use sleep extension strategies. 

Module 3: Strengthen Your Circadian Rhythm

Our bodies have 24 hour cycles, with sleep-wake being the most apparent. But did you know that every organ, even every cell, has a circadian rhythm too? There are times of day when athletic performance is better, and times when it’s more challenging. Our circadian system is healthiest when we are synchronized with the natural light-dark patterns of our environment. Meal and exercise times are other important time cues. For athletes this can be a challenge, particularly when late-evening competitions combine with early morning practices. Learn how to strengthen your circadian system, the best sleep schedule for athletes, and identify the times of day that are your best for training. 
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Module 4: Identify and Address Sleep Disorders

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A whopping 35% of people have sleep complaints, and athletes do too. Some of the most common are insomnia, restless legs syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea. We’ll do a deep dive into the most common sleep disorders and how they impact our overall health and performance. Then you’ll do a self-assessment looking for red-flags. We will discuss the most current recommended treatments, along with what type of provider is best to see for further evaluation and care. This is a critical step that can’t be overlooked as sleep disorders are under-diagnosed, and have a huge impact on our performance. Get the optimal sleep for athletes. Don’t let a sleep disorder stand in your way!

Module 5: Substances that Impact Sleep

Common substances that can disturb sleep include alcohol and caffeine. There are others too, which you may be less familiar with, and some common substances used by athletes have a sleep impact also. On the other hand, some supplements can be used pro-actively to improve sleep. We will talk about melatonin not only for sleep, but beyond sleep as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This unit will give you the information you need to use substances strategically, if at all. 
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Module 6: Maintain Sleep During Travel

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Travel can be a fun, interesting part of the athlete’s experience. Yet it can make peak performance even more challenging due to the circadian disruption and sleep deprivation that often goes hand in hand with travel. Learn what types of performance disruptions you may experience, and ways to compensate. We will focus on proven strategies to ensure that you maintain optimal sleep for athletes. Included will be how to plan in advance, how to use light and dark to improve sleep, and the use of melatonin to shift your body clock. Includes the importance of sleep for student athletes. Learn how to design an ideal bedroom, whether during travel, or for your own home. 

Module 7: Integrating Sleep into Your Training Program

A comprehensive training program will give the most boost to your competitive performance. Components include sleep, diet, training, recovery, mindset practices, and more. This unit focuses on bringing sleep and circadian science together with the rest of your program, so you can leverage the effects. Also use sleep for athlete recovery. It’s a case of synergy, where 1 + 1 can equal 3! We will also talk about how to maintain all the sleep and circadian skills you’ve gained, along with common barriers and how to overcome them. This is where you assess the ways in which positive sleep changes translated into improved athletic performance, and stay motivated to continue to live a Sleep Healthy Lifestyle!
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What Students Say

“Dr. Darley's Women's Health course was wonderful! She provided so many tips for me and my babies sleep in a clear and engaging way.”

- A.E., Women’s Sleep Health student

"It is really good content. Just doing the strategies to improve my bedroom made a difference.” 

- D.A., Skilled Sleeper student

So many people don’t have the skills they need to truly sleep well. Let’s change that, starting today. Invest $295 in getting the sleep you need to be your best self. 

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